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PPG - Minutes


The Wheatbridge Patients’ Participation Group

Minutes of the WPPG Meeting held on 23 July 2019

Present: Judith Stanley Ian Edmundson
  Sue Ottowell Mavis Plater
  Aileen Dawson-Pilling Mike Little
  Tony Pope Linda Clarke
  Dr R Garofano Tracey Lawson
  Neil Baldock Ken Smith
  Claus Ritter Cynthia McCormak
  Juliet Borrill Hannah Coleman
Apologies: Dr S Savage Ruth Ludford
  Philip Abbott Spencer Hoskin
  Carole Sadler Ruth Elliott
  1. Welcome and Introductions

    Judith welcomed everyone to the Meeting including members of the

    Chesterfield Medical Partnership (Ashgate Manor) PPG.

  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the meeting on 09 April January 2019 were agreed as a true and correct record.

  3. Feedback from Group Reps

    Ian had attended the Chesterfield PPG network meeting on 10 July 2019 and the Joined up Care Derybyshire stakeholder event on 16 July 2019.

    At the PPG network meeting there were presentation byDr Anne Marie Spooner who is the chair of the Chesterfield PLACE Alliance and by Karen Ritchie, head of patient engagement at joined up care Derbyshire. Dr Spooner explained the eight PLACE Alliances in Derbyshire and said that the Chesterfield one was a bit ahead of some of the others in development as they had already been meeting for two years. They meet for one day every other month – in the morning they assess how things are working and in the afternoon they look ahead at new projects. The Alliance is comprised of a range of local agencies including Derbyshire Community Health Services, the Chesterfield Royal Hospital, voluntary sector groups, primary care Derbyshire Mental Health Services, and Public Health. Ian asked primary care whether opticians and dentists were included. At present they are not as it hadn’t occurred to them to include them. They may consider including them in the future.

    The focus in Chesterfield PLACE is currently on:

  1. Frailty. There is a trial involving both Inspire Health and Wheatbridge Surgery which is aimed at getting people working together to address this issue. A community GP is used to support nurse practitioners and digital technology to try to reduce the number visits. This trial is about half way through the trial period and if it is successful it will be rolled out to the rest of Chesterfield. It needs to demonstrate a financial saving to allow re-investment of funds.

    Dr Garofano explained that she was involved in the trial here at Wheatbridge which had a few teething problems. The problems are being sorted out and the trial is underway. There is a budget for this project.

  2. Falls prevention

  3. Work on high-intensity users who either call ambulances or use A&E a lot. This work is linked to Mental Health Services.

    Karen Ritchie gave a brief overview of Joined up Care Derbyshire, which is a local implantation of the sustainability and transformation process. They are working on two citizen’s panels to feedback patient views. The first of these were selected by inviting patients at random and is limited to 1300 patients. The second panel is currently in the process of recruitment and any patients can apply. They have a target of reaching 2000 patients by the end of 2019.

    The Joined up Care Derbyshire meeting was on 16 July 2019 and was a mixture of presentations about the PLACE Alliance in Chesterfield and workshops seeking feedback from those attending. Dr Anne-Marie Spooner was in attendance and it was facilitated by Iam Waller of Chesterfield Borough Council who sits on the PLACE board.

    Judith thanked Ian.

  1. Items from the suggestion box

    Spencer and Tracey had checked the suggestion box on a regular basis and there had been one suggestion regarding not being able to get a follow up appointment with the GP dealing with your complaint.

    Dr Garofano explained that patients can always ask the GP they are seeing to book the follow-up appointment with them whilst they are in the consultation with them. If they are given a paper to take to reception to book an appointment for two weeks it is important that they go straight to reception to book the appointment then, do not wait until two weeks has passed.

    Judith thanked both Spencer and Tracey.

  2. 8 PLACE Alliance

    The 8 PLACE Alliance as explained above comprises of a range of local agencies.

    PLACE alliances currently have no budget but they work closely with the Primary Care Networks who do have a budget from the CCG. Chesterfield has one Primary Care Network which covers about 100,000 patients, but is comprised of smaller localities.

    Chris Newman, CCG director of GP development is the Chesterfield PLACE lead.

  3. Patient Survey

    A lengthy discussion took place over possible questions for a survey to be undertaken later in the year.

    It was decided to base the questionnaire around appointments and to have 10 questions only. It was felt important that we know the age group of the patients who complete the questionnaire, what time of day it is and whether they were seeing a GP, Nurse Practitioner or Practice Nurse.

    A sub-group was organized to write the questionnaire. The following members would be involved: Ian Edmundson, Sue Ottowell, Mike Little and Tony Pope. The proposed questions will be submitted to Tracey who will pass them onto Linda or Amanda for approval from the GPs. These will then be discussed at the next meeting.

    Dr Garofano informed the members that the GPs do find the surveys very useful and always go through the results to see what changes are needed to improve the Service offered at the Surgery.

    As it was decided not to do the survey at the flu clinics on a Saturday morning the exact week will be decided at the next WPPG meeting as will the final questions. The rota for members doing the survey will also be arranged at the next meeting. It was felt to get the best results the survey needs to be undertaken from the early morning surgery to the afternoon surgeries.

  4. Any Other Business

    Linda informed the members that Dr Elaine Guirey will be taking maternity leave starting 12 August 2019 but Dr Homa Kansra will be covering her as a salaried GP. Petula Castledine is now a Nurse Practitioner.

    It was asked whether patients were still not attending their appointments. Linda said that unfortunately even with book on the day appointments patients still do not attend. System 1 does automatically send out a message informing patients that have missed an appointment, if they have a mobile number.

  5. Date of next meeting

    The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, 22 October 2019 at

    12.00 noon.

    Judith thanked members for attending.

    The meeting closed at 1.25pm.


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