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The Wheatbridge Patients’ Participation Group




Minutes of the WPPG Annual General Meeting held on 09 April 2019






Present:        Judith Stanley                      Ian Edmundson


Sue Ottowell                         Mavis Plater


Sheila Smith                         Aileen Dawson-Pilling                   


Linda Clarke                         Carole Sadler


Phillip Abbott                         Ruth Ludford                       


Tracey Lawson                     Paul Whitehouse



Apologies:    Muriel Lascelles                   Mike Little

                        Bridget Dunks                      Roy Falconer

                      Ruth Elliott                              Spencer Hoskin

                      Dr S Savage                           Tony Pope




  1. Welcome and Introductions


    Judith welcomed everyone to the Meeting.


  2. Presentation by Paul Whitehouse, Head of Learning & Organisational Development at Ashgate Hospice


    Paul explained what his position at Ashgate Hospice entailed.  He had been in post since December 2018 but had an extensive background within the NHS. 


    He explained that Ashgate Hospice tries to meet the needs of the community they serve and is trying to become more inclusive in the community.  They do active work in the community ensuring that the local residents are aware of the services they provide.


    He explained that they are an independent cancer charity in their own right and are not part of the McMillan charity.  There are palliative care nurses at Ashgate Hospice who are employed by them and not McMillan.  Although they broke away from McMillan as a charity they still have regular contact with them.  The community nurses still see patients at home and there are plans to increase this service to a 7 day service as at present it is only Monday to Friday.  Night sitting is not provided.  The aim is for the nurses to work closer with GP Practices.  He stressed that this service is not just for patients it also provides support for their families and carers.  It is not just for terminal patients.


    The in-patient unit is being refurbished at present and will provide single suites.  The idea behind this is that there will be enough room for family members to stay with them and to provide privacy.  It is envisaged that this will be complete by October 2019 and will be a 12 bed unit.  Support is also offered to help patients’ families cope with bereavement.  They work with local schools to inform children about death.  Any child that has been bereaved can be referred to this Service by their GP. 


    Including the actual Hospice they also have several charity shops and coffee shops raising money, the proceeds of which go back to the Hospice. They have recently started an online store and new furniture store where all the proceeds go back to the Hospice. 


    Judith thanked him for his presentation.


  3. Election of Chair


    Judith Stanley was nominated by Ian Edmundson, seconded by Aileen Dawson-Pilling and agreed unanimously.  She agreed to continue as Chair for another year.


  4. Election of Committee


    Sue Ottowell was nominated as Deputy Chair by Ruth Ludford and seconded by Aileen Dawson-Pilling and agreed unanimously.  Sue agreed to continue with this role.


    Muriel stepped down from the committee due to other commitments.  The rest of the committee was re-elected. These were unanimously agreed by the members. Nominated by Carole Sadler and seconded by Ruth Ludford. The Committee Members are as follows:


    Ian Edmundson; Aileen Dawson-Pilling; Sheila Smith; Mike Little and Tony Pope


    Ian will attend the Derbyshire locality meetings in place of Muriel.


    The representatives from the Surgery would be the Assistant Practice Manager, Linda Clarke and the GP representative would be Dr Susan Savage.


    Tracey Lawson would continue as secretary to the group.


    On behalf of the members Judith thanked Tracey for all the hard work she does in her role as secretary for the group, it is much appreciated. 



  5. Minutes of Previous Meeting


    The minutes of the meeting on 15 January 2019 were agreed as a true and correct record.


    Vicky Chiverton, Nurse Practitioner has now left the Surgery and both Dr C A Spooner and Dr S Savage have reduced to 5 sessions per week.


  6. Feedback from Group Reps


    There was no feedback from the group reps.


  7. Derbyshire PPG Network Meeting


    Ian had attended the Derbyshire PPG network meeting in Belper.  This was addressed by the Derbyshire CCG lead on patient participation and the new head of Derbyshire Healthwatch, Helen Henderson.


    Karen Ritchie is now working for the Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust and has regular locality meetings.


    The proposed eight PLACE alliances was discussed.   Dr P J Flann is the GP representative and feedbacks information to Practices.

    Chesterfield Healthcare Provider is changing its name to ARC in the near future and is managed by Dawn Anderson.   Feedback regarding the PLACE alliance will be given at the next meeting.


    Ian will attend the free Derbyshire Carer and Network Event which is on 15 May 2019 at Derby Conference Centre.


    Judith thanked Ian


  8. Items from the suggestion box


    Spencer and Tracey had checked the suggestion box on a regular basis and there had been no suggestions.


    Judith thanked both Spencer and Tracey.


  9. NAPP annual conference – 15 June 2019 in Cheltenham


    The next NAPP annual conference will take place in Cheltenham on Saturday, 15 June 2019.  Unfortunately Ian is not able to attend this year.  After discussion it was decided that we would not send a representative this year.




  10. Patient Survey


    It is a few years since the last patient survey was done by the WPPG and Amanda wondered whether they would be prepared to do another one to see if patients thought that the appointment system had improved.


    After a short discussion it was agreed to undertake a short survey which will be done over a week, possibly to coincide with the flu clinics late in the year.  Members were going to think about suggestions for the survey and feedback at the next meeting.


  11. Any Other Business


    Linda informed the members that the Surgery had passed the CQC inspection with good all the way through.  The full report is on the website.


    Ian asked if posters could be displayed in the surgery regarding social prescribing.  Linda explained that it is Surgery policy to only display posters for the NHS.


    It was requested that a sign be put up in reception stating when a prescription is brought in when it can be collected.  A poster will be put in place with this information.


    Mavis asked for clarification over the policy regarding one problem per appointment.  Linda explained that it is at the discretion of the GP as to whether they have the time to deal with more than one problem.


    Parking is still a problem.  Linda explained that the car park is also used by patients for the Dental Surgery, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Sexual Health Clinics as well as the Surgery.  Unfortunately it is not feasible to put a barrier in place. 


  12. Date of next meeting


    The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, 23 July 2019 at

    12.00 noon.


    Judith thanked members for attending. 


    The meeting closed at 1.40pm



30 Wheatbridge Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 2AB
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